Zetamix, easy made ceramic and metal 3D printing


Zetamix is a brand of ceramic and metal filaments compatible with FFF printers. A wide variety of material is available : Alumina, Zirconia, Black Zirconia, 316L and H13 steel.


Nanoe also supply a Raise3D printer compatible with Zetamix filaments, and a debinding and sintering equipment.

Use case

zetamix 3D printing in Mines Paris Tech

Direct fabrication of ceramic holding parts for high temperature experiments with Zetamix: a cost effective and time saving solution

3D printing has demonstrated to be by far the greatest solution to produce on demand ceramic parts in small series. More and more laboratories and research centers equip themselves with Zetamix technology to fabricate a wide variety of parts, from heating cartridges to sample holders. Discover how the Mine Paris Tech, an education and research center, is using Zetamix filaments to improve the quality of their experiments.

How Zetamix 3D printing became the best asset for company modernization process

Ceramic 3D printing is the new field of study for laboratories specialized in ceramic material analysis. Indeed, these institutions go over each new shaping process with a fine tooth comb in order to create knowledge. The CERAMATHS-DMP (Dépatement Matériaux et Procédés) ex LMCPA (Laboratoire des Matériaux Céramiques et Procédés Associés), is one of such laboratories. It studies Zetamix filaments and takes this opportunity to use them to produce consumables and others devices in relation with their researches.

Small series luxury parts thanks to Zetamix

Rozan is a handicraft belt company based in France. They follow one goal: providing high quality belts by promoting excellence and local know-how while exploring new shaping processes and new materials. Thus, their belts are made with local and high-quality leather, Limoges’ porcelain and Zetamix 3D printing.
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