Zetamix, easy made ceramic and metal 3D printing


Zetamix is a brand of ceramic and metal filaments compatible with FFF printers. A wide variety of material is available : Alumina, Zirconia, Black Zirconia, 316L and H13 steel.


Nanoe also supply a Raise3D printer compatible with Zetamix filaments, and a debinding and sintering equipment.

Use case

Original ceramic bracelets printed with ceramic Zetamix technologies

Technical Ceramic is a choice material for luxury jewels for years. Since the creation of ceramic watches from Rado, Chanel and Cartier during the years 00’s, the material is widely used to design bold and colorful jewels. Neckless, rings or bracelets, Zirconia seduces thank to its wear resistance, its hypoallergenic properties and its original aspect.

Revolutionizing Industrial Lubrication with Zetamix Stainless Steel Filaments: The Story of MGB

One of the challenges MGB encountered in precision screw production is the risk of overheating, which can lead to serious damage to both the product and equipment. To prevent this issue, an industrial lubricant is typically sprayed onto the entire installation. However, due to safety concerns, the spraying nozzle is positioned at a distance from the cooling zone, leading to imprecise lubrication, wasted energy, and lubricant.


Zetamix, in a collaboration with The LEAT and thanks to the new Epsilon Filament, managed to 3D print a brand-new innovative RF Deflector with unique properties.
zetamix 3D printing in Mines Paris Tech

Direct fabrication of ceramic holding parts for high temperature experiments with Zetamix: a cost effective and time saving solution

3D printing has demonstrated to be by far the greatest solution to produce on demand ceramic parts in small series. More and more laboratories and research centers equip themselves with Zetamix technology to fabricate a wide variety of parts, from heating cartridges to sample holders. Discover how the Mine Paris Tech, an education and research center, is using Zetamix filaments to improve the quality of their experiments.
Helix Antenna

3-D Printed Circularly Polarized Dielectric Helix Antenna

By virtue of the new Epsilon Filament of Zetamix and low-cost FDM/FFF craft, the Jiangsu Key Laboratory of 3D Printing Equipment and Manufacturing in Nanjing, China, developed a new circularly polarized dielectric helix antenna.
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