Zetamix, easy made ceramic and metal 3D printing


Zetamix filaments are ceramic and metal filaments compatible with most FDM printers. A wide variety of materials are available: Alumina, Black Zicrone, White Zirconia, H13 and 316L Stainless Steel


Nanoe provides a 3D printer by Raise 3D perfectly compatible with our Zetamix filaments, as well as a debinding station and a sinter oven selected by our experts for their ease of use and performance.

Exemple d'utilisation

Zetamix dispersion turbine

For high performance industries, perfect-fit tools are required to improve product quality and to facilitate production processes. However, mass production cannot provide tools specialized enough for high tech industries. 3D printing allows companies to get customized tools adapted to their needs.

Easy 3D printing

Low investment

Multi materials