The Story of MGB

MGB, a reputable French company established in 1956, has been a leader in the manufacturing of precision screws made by bar turning for over half a century. With a global presence spanning Europe, China, and the USA, MGB strives to remain at the forefront of product quality and innovation. To that end, the company has turned to 3D printing to enhance its production processes.

The Problem

One of the challenges MGB encountered in precision screw production is the risk of overheating, which can lead to serious damage to both the product and equipment. To prevent this issue, an industrial lubricant is typically sprayed onto the entire installation. However, due to safety concerns, the spraying nozzle is positioned at a distance from the cooling zone, leading to imprecise lubrication, wasted energy, and lubricant.

MGB’s solution to this issue was to create a tailor-made part that would fit perfectly within the installed equipment, ensuring better control and precision over the lubrication process. The company initially attempted to produce this part using plastic, but the high-pressure liquid flowing through the nozzle caused it to explode.

The fabrication of this nozzle required 3D printing, as it contained multiple channels that would have been complicated to create using other shaping processes. Initially, MGB attempted to produce the nozzle using plastic, but the high-pressure liquid flowing through the nozzle caused it to explode.

Picture: Old spraying nozzle showing the imprecise lubrication

The Solution

This is where Zetamix’s stainless steel filament came into play. This innovative filament is perfectly suited to withstand the high pressures of industrial lubrication, and parts made from stainless steel are easy to tap, making it possible for MGB to add a screw thread to the nozzle. With the use of this material, MGB was able to print a durable, custom-made nozzle that provided precise and efficient lubrication.

This success story highlights the power of 3D printing and the importance of finding the right material for the job.

Picture: Zetamix’s 316L custom-made nozzle

MGB and Zetamix are paving the way for a new era of precision manufacturing, where tailor-made solutions can be created with ease, providing efficient and reliable results.

Picture above: Zetamix 316L nozzle in action

Picture above: Zetamix 316L nozzle seperated from it’s printing support