Small series luxury parts thanks to Zetamix

Rozan is a handicraft belt company based in France. They follow one goal: providing high quality belts by promoting excellence and local know-how while exploring new shaping processes and new materials.

Thus, their belts are made with local and high-quality leather, Limoges’ porcelain and Zetamix 3D printing. This original mix is no coincidence: the brand made efficient decisions in order to provide high quality products as they maintained a local production and an affordable final price.

black zirconia belt

Producing ceramic in small quantity: a deadlock with regular shaping processes

Replacing metal with ceramic is far from being easy. Because Rozan wanted to supplant regular metal belt buckles by ceramic ones, they face many issues. Ceramic and particularly zirconia is a material that has been used for decades for its beautiful mat or shiny finish, and for its amazing resistance to scratches and wear. Many brands already use black and white zirconia for a wide range of use, such as watch dials, or accessories. However, these brands can deploy huge production means while selling their products at a premium price. Rozan cannot afford such a production processes. Producing buckle parts by injection molding is expensive: the mold can easily cost 10 000 euros. For the production of small series, these regular processes are not an option, and the company has to consider other alternatives such as 3D printing.


Zetamix 3D printing: local and affordable solution


Rozan turns to Zetamix technology to solve this issue. The technology fits Rozan value in many aspects.
Because the investment to install this technology is accessible to SME, it is perfect for small quantities and does not weight on the final price of the belts. Moreover, Zetamix in one of the easiest and fastest ceramic 3d printing technology: a part is made on only 5 days, including the printing and the post processing.
Moreover, as a French brand, Zetamix fits with the Rozan’s desire of encouraging local productions. Not only Zetamix filaments are made at Nanoe’s plant, in the South of Paris, but as an open system, parts can be made with any devices including French ones.

Rozan relies on Zetamix to produce 100% made in France luxury belts: in addition to be resources saving, Zetamix enables the brand to produce elegant belts in black zirconia.