Porcelain 3D Printed Innovative Tableware



JL Coquet, a renowned Limoges Porcelain manufacturer, have reimagined the art of table decor by integrating advanced technology with traditional craftsmanship.

Traditionally, the house is celebrated for its mastery of porcelain tableware, employing conventional methods such as slip casting and molding to craft exquisite pieces. However, driven by a pursuit of artistic innovation, JL Coquet sought to expand the horizons of creativity by embracing Zetamix’s Porcelain 3D printing technology.

This strategic decision was motivated by the need to create low quantity series of complex and personalized tableware for highly demanding customers.

The idea

When wondering about the potential of 3D printing technology in the world of art and deco, Leo Cochain, Porcelaine Coquet site manager, decided to leverage the Zetamix Porcelain 3D printing filament in order to produce intricate and challenging designs that were previously unattainable through traditional techniques.
His goal was to create exquisite and durable porcelain table art that transcends the traditional boundaries, but while preserving the excellence of the material, the quality of the final part, and the importance of being involved in the process.

The process

JL Coquet’s design team leveraged the 3D printing capabilities of the Zetamix Porcelain filament and created an intricate and innovative tableware design that showcases the fusion of advanced technology and traditional know-how.

The prototype was then 3D printed while the mechanical and thermal properties of the filament ensured the production of a durable and aesthetically sophisticated piece. Finally, the 3D printed part went through the debinding, glazing and sintering. This eventually transformed the printed part into a fully polished and glazed 3D printed porcelain piece, exhibiting high mechanical strength, hardness, and resistance to heat and thermal shock.

This collaboration enabled the realization of intricate and challenging designs, reflecting a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, it also allowed for the creation of complex and personalized tableware, catering to the specific demands of highly discerning customers. The resulting tableware exhibits high mechanical strength, thermal stability, and resistance to wear, making it suitable for demanding applications requiring durability and resilience.

Picture: Table décor by J.L Coquet X Zetamix