Lifting up the part

Each and every part travels through different levels to reach its final format, from the printing process towards the sintering.
While the printing process seems easy, it’s last step might be a bit delicate. It’s the lifting of the part. During this step, the parts are highly at risk of breakage, especially the ceramic ones.


The phenomenon explained

Breaks and cracks are usually noticed while retreating a part. The main reason why the part faces such problems is because the plate that holds it is misplaced, causing the part to stick which makes lifting it up even more complicated. Since the part becomes very hot and fragile by the end of the printing process, moving it can also become risky, potentially causing the destruction of the first coat. By following some simple instructions, this problem can easily be avoided.

The solution

To reduce the risks of breakage, we encourage the use of Ziflex Magnetic Plate. A plate so flexible it makes retreating the parts much easier. At the end of the printing process, take out the hot plate and place it on a cold surface while the part hardens, you can then bend the plate underneath the part very delicately and carefully to encourage the piece to stick out. To help yourself out, you can also grab a paper, it can be a metallic one for example and gently place it right between the plate and the part. The same process can also be used to simplify lifting up huge parts, only by adding more delicacy and patience.

Little plus

If you do not have access to a Ziflex plate, we have another solution for you. You can make the extraction of the part easier by emerging a glass plate inside the ultrasound tank. This solution is also practical but it’s time consuming since the waiting time requires one and a half hour and can go up to two hours before being able to take the part out.