Zirconia 3D printed Perfume bottle cap


The CRITT Matériaux Innovation is a non-profit association that acts as an interface between research and industry.
Their core business is the characterization of materials across all sectors and their technology platforms are as unique as their business ranging from tribology to PIM metal and ceramic printing.


The idea

Delphine AUZENE, the PIM/PIM-like platform manager of the CRITT Matériaux Innovation has always been managing and writing R&D innovational projects either for industrial clients or through state-funded opportunities. Lately, when looking for special technologies known for their ease of implementation, Zetamix had been chosen.

The idea being to print a cap for a perfume bottle that can eventually become a bird shaped pendant called Addibird.
When it comes to the material, Black and white Zetamix Zirconia were Delphine’s first choice for many reasons.


The reasons

In order to achieve the cap’s complex shape in one go and creating articulated bird wings that can lower and rise smoothly without having to assemble anything, The CRITT Matériaux Innovation had to opt for the 3D printing technology.
Zetamix’s White and Black Zirconia filaments were specifically chosen because they’re suitable with most of FFF/FDM 3D printers, which allows the company to use its ovens and printers to create the whole parts within its walls. This filament also creates pieces with beautiful matt finish look that can be polished for a glossy aspect, making the final parts have a luxurious and aesthetic look.