Zetamix welding shield

Sapco is a company specialized in the production of ceramic electrodes for the boiler industry. Creating these parts required 11 steps but one of them, the welding of the ceramic part with metal slices, is particularly critical.




Welding the slices to the rest of the part generates sparks that damage the ceramic electrode. Court-circuits are more likely to occur, creating deflects of electric arc required to switch on the boiler. To solve this issue, the company first used a metal shield to protect the ceramic. However this part was damaged in only few days, causing machine halts.

zetamix welding shield



The company decided to rely on Zetamix to produce perfect fit and more resistant welding shields. Among the materials offered by the brand, Sapco has selected Zetamix zirconia, which is a material resistant to high temperature in addition to show good mechanical properties.

Sapco not only solved its machine halt issues but the company is now able to create more complex shields impossible to shape with other technologies, and thus improve the quality of its products.