Zetamix Grinding discs for Disc Mill technology

Nanoe always looks for ways to develop the quality of its materials, and thanks to Zetamix, this mission is always being achieved.
Materials with high quality and improved physicochemical properties are necessary in the creation of perfect parts, and when asked for a coarse and dry grinded powder, the disk milling technology is one of the best procedures to achieve that.


Disk milling technology is indeed best known for making the final size distribution homogenous, for not being time-consuming, and for it’s capacity to be done continuously. However, because of standard metal disk plate components, many complications were present. Nanoe noticed that through time, metal disk plate components were affected by the powder and therefore their weight was noticeably reduced. They were also easily wearied off and needed to be changed regularly. Not to forget that they are extremely polluting and can cause up to 3000ppm of metallic contamination, thus jeopardizing the powder’s purity.



Since the disk mill machine being used did not contain ceramic disk plate components to replace metal ones. Nanoe had to find an easy fast solution within reach, and through Zetamix, new disk plate components were created using Zirconia filaments and through the 3D printing technology.


These new plates weight half less than the metal ones, only cause 50ppm of Zirconia’s pollution and are highly durable. Adding to that, the 3D printing technology allows to create disk plate components with different designs thus causing different milling conditions, finally giving impacts on the final particle size to match the client’s needs.