On demand spare parts thanks to Zetamix 3D printing : Reducing delay and cost

Petit spare parts is a trading company specialized on spares parts for textile machinery and loom. Petit Spare part not only provides spare parts all over the world, but also restores or designs on demand specific parts, which result on different object every time. Thus, to fulfill their clients’ needs, they turned to ceramic 3D printing.

Produce on demand part for better price

petit spare part logo

In the textile manufacturing industry, looms and machines have to handle wires. With the increase of pace, thread guides in contact with these wires are more solicited and wear out very quickly. Wire guides must meet a double challenge: be wear and abrasion resistant while maintaining a good surface condition so as not damaging wires. Ceramics and in particular zirconia are ideal for this application because it is abrasion resistant, yet extremely smooth.

These objects can be easily made by injection molding or other processes, but Petit Spare parts needs a flexible and quick manufacturing solution. Indeed,  industrials often use unique or specific machine which need on demand parts. For these reason, the company cannot afford to involve a complete production line for a few of parts.


Cutting down delay for a better service

zetamix thread guide

By adopting Zetamix 3D printing, PSP succeed to produce thread guide on small series as efficient as those made by traditional process while saving cost. Zetamix 3D printing allows us to produce small series of  ceramic parts for a price that  traditional manufacturing cannot compete.


Moreover, Petit Spare part makes a point at providing goods to their client as fast as possible. This is why they ensure that their stock can provide a wide variety of spare part in order to meet their client needs on a record time. However, for specific needs or rare spare parts they haven’t in stock, PSP has to ask for quotations from several sub-contractor, produce the object and ensure quality while providing the part within the set time. Thanks to Zetamix , the challenge is easier to face.

Zetamix vs conventional process

Outsourced ceramic Zetamix
Cost200€15 €
Lead Time1-2 month1 week

Thus, by using additive manufacturing for the production of small series and specific needs, not only  they save money and make their clients enjoy fair price, but they also improve the delivery service.