Zetamix's training

In order to make it easier to get started with Zetamix technology, Nanoe offers a one-day training session at your premises with one of our 3D printing experts. From theory to practice, this comprehensive program takes you step by step through the Zetamix process. Our goal is simple: teach you the Zetamix process so that you can produce your parts in perfect autonomy. At the end of this training day, you will have printed your first pieces and you will be able to do it again alone!

training zetamix

From theory…

The training includes a theoretical component for a better understanding of the Zetamix printing process. In addition to an introduction to 3D printing, the program details all the steps of manufacturing a part, from modelling on the Idea makers software to the sintering process.

stl zetamix files

… to practice

In order for you to be able to print alone, our expert guides you step by step in the manufacturing of your first parts. The training will include a practical part during which you will learn how to model an object, how to disassemble and clean the extruder of your machine, how to adjust the printing parameters and how to program the debinding station and the sintering furnace.