Zetamix, l'impression 3D céramique et métal accessible à tous


Zetamix est une gamme de filaments céramique et métal compatibles avec les imprimantes FFF. Une grande variété de matériaux est disponible : Alumine, Zircone, Zircone Noire, et Acier Inoxydable 316L.


Nanoe fournit une imprimante Raise3D parfaitement compatible avec les filaments Zetamix, ainsi qu’une station de déliantage et un four de frittage sélectionnés par nos experts pour leur facilité d’utilisation et leur performance.

Exemple d'utilisation

Revolutionizing Industrial Lubrication with Zetamix Stainless Steel Filaments: The Story of MGB

One of the challenges MGB encountered in precision screw production is the risk of overheating, which can lead to serious damage to both the product and equipment. To prevent this issue, an industrial lubricant is typically sprayed onto the entire installation. However, due to safety concerns, the spraying nozzle is positioned at a distance from the cooling zone, leading to imprecise lubrication, wasted energy, and lubricant.

Original ceramic bracelets printed with ceramic Zetamix technologies

Technical Ceramic is a choice material for luxury jewels for years. Since the creation of ceramic watches from Rado, Chanel and Cartier during the years 00’s, the material is widely used to design bold and colorful jewels. Neckless, rings or bracelets, Zirconia seduces thank to its wear resistance, its hypoallergenic properties and its original aspect.

Resistant helmet bracket thanks to Zetamix

The Royal Dutch Navy relies on new technologies including Zetamix 3d printing to revolutionize its production process. Indeed, with the need for spare parts for each mission, being able to produce these parts on the spot instead of ordering and managing stock would be a significant improvement.


Zetamix, in a collaboration with The LEAT and thanks to the new Epsilon Filament, managed to 3D print a brand-new innovative RF Deflector with unique properties.
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High precision tooling thanks to Zetamix technology

Discover How MGB, a woldwide company specialized in the manufacturing of precision screws made by bar turning, uses 3D printing to parlty anneal metal parts
TIG nozzle printed with 3D printing

Zetamix trailing shield : how 3D printing improves orbital welding process

During the orbital welding process, air contamination can occur and affect the quality of the weld. To solve this issue, Orbital-service, a company specialized in orbital welding and who aims to develop a tailor made products and solutions for cutting-edge orbital welding systems, decides to create tailor made tig nozzle thanks to Zetamix.

Zetamix in laboratories : zirconia susceptors for microwave sintering

CRISMAT laboratory is a French Mixed Research Unit (UMR 6508) under the triple supervision of CNRS, ENSICAEN and the University of Caen Normandy. This laboratory is specialized in crystallography and materials sciences. One of the research groups is working on the synthesis and the optimization of the functional and structural properties of ceramics materials, but also on the improvement of sintering and development of innovative shaping processes. Recently, the development of flash microwave sintering as emerged. In this context, they use Zetamix 3D printing to create specific major component: Zirconia susceptors.
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